The Chamber of Commerce serving Middletown, Monroe, and Trenton, Ohio Last year we joined The Chamber of Commerce serving Middletown, Monroe, and Trenton (OH). The Pres/CEO Rick Pearce, has a unique perspective on the local economy because he talks to business owners and learns about their challenges. One common thread that he took from his conversations is the challenge employers have in recruiting employees.  Employers look for people who have skills, yet when students come out of school they are somewhat uncertain of the skills they learned in school.  Employers are also unclear about the skills they need in future employees.  Here is a short video that describes the problem.

 Rick is on a mission to make “skills” the common language between employerseducators, and individuals. Here are some statistics that are affecting our local economy:

  • One-third (1/3) of Middletown graduates will go away to pursue higher education (2-4 year programs)
  • Within 6 years, 56% of these students will return to the area with no degree
  • Currently, there are over 2,000 open jobs within 10 miles of Middletown, Ohio (as listed on
  • Only 30% of the jobs in the U.S. require a college degree, such as accountants, lawyers, teachers, engineers, nurses, and doctors

Middletown WorkforceWhat does this mean for the employers in and around Middletown?
Do they need college-educated employees?
Can they employ those with a high school diploma?

In response to these factors, The Chamber is investing in an online tool that matches job seekers with employers who need their skills! Skills2Careers encourages job seekers to create a skills profile and find job opportunities that more closely match their experience, interests, and skills.  It also recommends post-secondary institutions to obtain the skills needed for specific jobs!

For anyone in transition, this is an amazing tool that very quickly offers ideas, encouragement, and a fresh perspective on skills and experience!

With changes occurring in our job marketing, Skills2Careers is a much-needed tool that benefits job seekers as well as employers!  We are honored to be partnering with The Chamber to better prepare individuals to obtain more fulfilling employment faster!

Click here to check it out! 

Are you interested in joining the Middletown, Monroe, Trenton Chamber? There are monthly events and many other benefits to joining this local organization…we’ll see you there!


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