Who am I? We are moving so fast that sometimes It is easy to forget our accomplishments. Every test you’ve passed, every job you’ve gotten, every milestone you’ve hit makes up you. Even your mistakes help make you who you are.

Maybe you didn’t have a lot of friends in high school or you had a couple of teachers you didn’t like; that doesn’t change the fact that you were there, that you got up every morning and got to (almost) every class before the bell and you graduated! You did it!
Maybe you were laid off or fired from a job, that doesn’t mean you didn’t GET that job. You did. You spent time at that job, you learned something, you contributed. You did it!
Maybe you worked in a toxic enviroment and decided it wasn’t for you, but you still had the experience, you probably did something awesome while you were there…something you should remember and celebrate. You did it!

If you are asking yourself, “Who am I?” and you have dismissed something/anyting in your past because of how you were treated or how it ended, you are also leaving out the good that came from those eperiences as well as all of that time you spent, but you can’t take back that time, so you need to find the good and realize that it is all a part of YOU.

Don’t let things that may have happened keep you from remembering, celebrating, sharing and documenting about your history, your accomplishments, They all make you who you are. Click here to start tracking your amazing accomplishments. 




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