1application.me was created by a Human Resources Professional, a Marketing Consultant, and a Business Coach who believed in and still believe in the ability of the Internet to save time and make information more accessible and sharable. 1application.me profiles belong to individuals, not companies, so each person controls their own information and chooses who to share it with. The website was created in 2020.

The mission of 1application.me is to make the application process easier and connected people and businesses to save everyone time and resources. The founders of 1application.me are committed to supporting each person’s right to obtain education, employment, a home, transportation, and other needs. Click here to read the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. 

Why should you create a profile? 1Application.me can save you time on:

  • job applications
  • mortgage applications
  • insurance applications
  • college applications
  • rental applications
  • housing applications
  • volunteer applications
  • project applications
  • internship applications
  • healthcare applications
  • CCW applications
  • IRS authentification
  • background checks
  • legal matters
  • and many more day-to-day requests for information

Your feedback is important to us. Please start a chat or connect with us via LinkedIn.


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