Many people ask how much information they need to include on their application. We recommend as Stephen Covey would say…” beginning with the end in mind.” You should put anything on your application that a manager might ask about or be able to find elsewhere.

Your application (and resume) must be complete.  Read each question and answer truthfully.  Incomplete applications can be sent straight to rejection.

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind:

1. Ease of Access: Don’t put “see resume” for work history. Uploading your resume does not always load clearly and will need to be checked before submitting.  Yes, it is a pain to say it twice, but you never know who is looking at the information, and not completing may disqualify your application. Using you enter all your information in one site then copy and paste into the application to ensure all words are spelled correctly and displayed properly. Incomplete applications are a disqualifier.

2. Accurate Employment dates: Recently a recruiter interviewed a candidate who indicated on his application that he was still employed with his most recent employer. During the interview, he said he was no longer employed with that company. This untruth eliminated the candidate from consideration. Your employment dates should be as close as possible to the correct start and end dates of each position. If you are still with a company, make sure your application reflects this information. Be honest about your employment dates. If you have periods of time when you are between jobs, be prepared to explain why.

3. True Position Titles and Responsibilities: You may be asked during your interview to explain your job responsibilities. If your descriptions do not sound genuine or if your descriptions do not fit the title that you used on your application you will leave a bad impression. Do not inflate your job title or responsibilities.

4. Complete Education and Grade Details: It is possible for a hiring manager to verify education information including graduation dates and grade point averages. Your education information should be true. If you are in the process of obtaining the education add an “expected graduation date.”  Grade point averages only need be on a resume if you are a recent grade in the last 5 years.  Falsifying education or anything on your application/resume will eliminate your opportunity to move forward with a company.

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