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Welcome to Perkins’ 1application. Here you will find instructions for what to include on your 1A profile to ensure your application is complete, as well as any fields that should be completed specifically for Perkins. is a place for you to store your application history, so that after you complete this application you can reuse it. You can visit your profile, make changes, and use it to make future applications easier to complete. All of the page links below open in a new tab so you can come back to this page as you complete each page. 

  1. Log in or register
  2. Add your name (other names you have used), your phone number, your citizenship status, your accommodation statement, your consent to participate in a background check, and your availability to the Personal Information page (some Perkins locations are open 24 hours)
  3. Add your current address to the Addresses page
  4. Add 1 emergency contact to the Emergency Contact page
  5. Add your current employer and up to three previous employers (if you have had more than one employer) to the work history page
  6. Add 3 references that you have know for at least 1 year, with their full name, occupation, phone, and email address
  7. Add  your education history including high school, trade school, college, and other schools or programs that you have completed or are enrolled in currently. 
  8. Add your military service (if you are not a United States Veteran select no on the Military Service page) 
  9. Add your criminal history (if you are do not have a criminal history select no on the Criminal History page) 
  10. Return to this page complete the fields electronically sign and date below 
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