No Time for 1A

You’re busy. You have family responsibilities, work, sleep, drive time…the list goes on.If you are in transition you are probably going to networking events, 1-on-1 meetings and interviews. You don’t need one more thing to do. I get it…1A...

Why Grammarly

We’ve come a long way since the printing press. Personal typewriters were introduced to the market in the 1860s. Electric typewriters were available after 1910, and the QWERTY keyboard show up in the 1920s. There were several iterations of typewriters, but no...

Layoffs: The Ins and Outs

So, you’ve invested years into a company, arriving at work like any other day. You attempt to log into your dashboards— your log-in credentials do not work. Moments later, you are asked to report to the manager’s office — “you’ve been laid off”. These words can be...


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