Frequently Asked Questions (1A for short) is an online storage location for all application information. You own it. You control it. 

1A connects to Google, Linkedin, and Amazon so you do not have to create credentials for 1A if you would rather login through one of the accounts, but 1A fields do not currently populate from a resume or other career-related profiles. You put in the work, but once you save your input you can come back to it, edit it, and add to it whenever you have time and/or changes. 

Your 1A profile is private. Only you can see it. You can choose to share your profile with an employer, but you would need to submit a signature to complete that process. You can also download your profile as a CSV file if you want to store it offline. 

1A makes any application process less time-consuming. You own your profile so you choose what you want to include. 

1A has several bonus offerings including a Personal Brand template and a Goals and Objectives page to help you choose the best job for you! 

1A was created by three friends who were studying for a certification. These three original founders still own and operate 1A. One of the founders is a Human Resources professional who approves all Human Resources content and offers assistance to 1A business partners. 

Currently there are two payment options for a basic 1A membership: a 1-year membership is $19.99. A Lifetime membership is $49.99, but we are still working on the best way to charge for 1A, so these options may change near future. As we add functionality we may add an ala carte payment option. If you decide not to renew your 1A membership at some point in time we encourage you to export or print your data. We hope 1A will speed up your application processes for many years to come! 

1A is not a job search website. Profiles are not shared publicly so your employees cannot be recruited from 1A. It is however a place to store application information so it can be accessed quickly. As an employer you benefit from 1A because you can obtain needed details quickly if you have an employer view. You can also obtain applications much quicker if you accept 1A profiles rather than asking applicants to complete a separate application. With about 90% if application fields being the same…it doesn’t make sense to make everyone start from scratch for every application. The average time some stays at one employer has changed significantly so while you may want your employees to stay with your business for 40 years; this isn’t the norm. Even if you are an amazing employer you are going to see turnover. Your employees have opportunities to leave your business daily; whether it be for family reasons, pursuing other goals, or other circumstances. 1A will not be the reason someone leaves your company. 


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