Be prepared for your interview! STAR and PARV are two interview question formats that Human Resource pros love to use! STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, Result. So if an interviewer asks you to explain a time when a customer was unhappy using the STAR format you would describe the Situation, describe your involvement in the situation (Task), describe the Actions you took to resolve the situation, and then describe the results of your action. PARV is very similar. It stands for Problem, Action, Result, Value. For “value,” you would include any benefit to the company/organization your action created.

Interview Preparation: Some Interviewers like to use the STAR or PARV interview techniques which allow them to understand how you responded to a situation that you experienced on the job. You can use this section to prepare some STAR or PARV responses for your future interviews. You can add more examples by clicking "Add." PARV includes the value that came from the situation, while STAR is completed just by included the results. If there was value beyond the result, include that information in the Results section of STAR.


Describe a situation, a task, an action, and the results that occurred. (You can also include the "value" of the results in the Results section, if applicable.)


Describe a problem, an action, a result, and the value that came from the situation.


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